Scientific Representative Membership


Scientific  Representation


The designation of medical scientific representative of the IUL for a country or a city carries very important responsibilities.


Benefits of becoming a medical scientific representative are:

  • To belong to a network of international cosmetic surgery professionals who share similar goals, to improve, to expand their knowledge and skills and promote themselves in the medical community and to patients.

  • To be involved as a collaborator in an organization rich in experience, leadership around the world and the enthusiasm for supporting continuous education and knowledge.

  • Certificate of Scientific Representative of the IUL

  • To be involved in clinical studies

  • E-mails from the IUL with updates scientific and international news on the field of Lipoplasty and fat tissue.

  • E-mails from IUL to  keep you up-to-date on the international industry trends

  • To get discounts in events supported by the IUL

  • Waive on the annual fee.

Requirements are:

  • To have attended an IUL Hands on training

  • To be bound to the Liposuction guidelines of the IUL

  • To have a surgical specialization or surgical skills through the performing of at least of 100 liposculpture procedures.

  • Each member country must organize at least one annual course, update seminar or other kind of event in their area of representation and should be done in combination with the International Union of Lipoplasty (IUL), under Dr Leibaschoff's guidance and approval. The IUL will provide the know-how in developing and delivering the program, in some cases with the presence of an international expert.

  • Each representation should provide the organization that the event requires.

  • In some cases medical industry can be invited to support the event.

  • The scientific representatives will not be able to use the name of the International Union of Lipoplasty for any purposes without the written authorization from Dr Gustavo Leibaschoff.

  • If the medical scientific representative does not organize any event during a calendar year they can be removed without any other precondition and he/she will not be able to use the name of the International Union of Lipoplasty for any reason.

  • If the medical scientific representative doesn’t accomplish any of the requirements he/she can be removed without any other precondition.

  • If that person would like to become an associate member they would need to pay the fee that is required.

Let us know if you are interested in being an International Union of Lipoplasty scientific representative in your area.



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