Associate Membership


Associate Membership



Benefits of becoming an associate member are:

  • To belong to a network of international cosmetic surgery professionals who share similar goals, to improve, to expand their knowledge and skills and promote themselves in the medical community and to patients.

  • To be part in an organization rich in experience, leadership around the world and the enthusiasm for supporting continuous education and knowledge.

  • E-mails from the IUL with updates and scientific and international news on the field of Lipoplasty

  • E-mails from IUL to   keep you up-to-date on the international industry trends

  • Certificate of membership

  • Reduced price for events supported by the IUL

Requirements are:

  • To have attended an official IUL Hands on training

  • To be bound to the Liposuction guidelines of the IUL

  • To pay annual  dues.

Payment Schedule

If you are applying for membership and you submit the annual payment during November or December, your application fee will also serve as payment for the next year.


Each January you have to submit the annual fee to renew your membership to the IUL.



Questions? Send an E-mail to:


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