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The IUL, International Union of Lipoplasty is committed to promote, support, expand, develop and encourage Lipoplasty techniques in its multiple modalities including all other procedures associated with fat tissue treatments, through research, education and practice, among colleagues from around the world. 


The IUL and his President is proud to say that after many years of hard working, the international medical community is recognizing the term Lipoplasty, and not as a simple technique, but as an area of expertise, a branch in the cosmetic surgical field involving fat tissue and its treatment.


The IUL welcomes technological progress but only when is supported by scientific researches, physician knowledge and expertise.


Dr.  Gustavo Leibaschoff
President of the International Union of Lipoplasty
Invited as one of the "Fathers" of Lipoplasty to the International Workshop,
"30 years of Liposculpture", in Rome, Italy, in October 2006.

The International Union of Lipoplasty Last activities
International Symposium: “tribute to the Pioneers”
Chairman: Dr Gustavo Leibaschoff (President IUL)

In the International Symposium Tribute to the Pioneers, Paris, France, in October 2009
In the European Congress in Aesthetic Dermatology & Surgery, Paris, France, 2011
In the Anti –Aging Medicine World Congress, Monaco, 2012, 2013
The IUL organizes 2 Hands on training each year in different countries to allow doctors to learn the Lipoplasty techniques according to international standards.


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