History and Mission


The International Union of Lipoplasty was founded in 1991 in Marseille, France by a group of cosmetic surgeons: Dr. Boutboul, Dr. Rebello, Dr. Fournier, and Dr. Fischer from Europe and Dr. Leibaschoff from Argentina, South America.

They were all committed to improving the quality and safety of existing Liposuction procedures and to fill the necessity of bringing together the most experimented physicians in the field of fat tissue procedures in order to discuss and search for contributions to the improvement of Lipoplasty.


The term Lipoplasty was initiated to imply that Liposuction should be considered as more than a simple technique.


Dr. Gustavo Leibaschoff became President of the IUL (International Union of Lipoplasty) in 1998 to these days, and although the IUL keeps its basis it wants to make a renewed effort into other more ambitious targets.


Time passed by, and nowadays, the IUL is proud to say that after many years of hard working the medical community is recognizing the term Lipoplasty, and not as a simple technique, but as an area of expertise, a branch in the cosmetic surgical field involving fat tissue  and its treatment.


The IUL is committed to cultivate, promote, support, expand, develop and encourage the science through research, education and practice of Lipoplasty, in its multiple modalities, including all other techniques associated with fat tissue treatments, among colleagues from around the world.


Gynecologists, General Surgeons, Dermatologists, Aesthetic Surgeons all made significant contributions to the advancement of this procedure. Liposculpture, Lipografting, stem cells from fat tissue and more, are a wonderful example of the true INTERDISCIPLINARY nature of our field of work.


The sharing of experience from expert colleagues through meetings, congresses etc. is very useful and part of the continuous learning process but is not enough for a complete educational experience.


The IUL truly believes that the learning process of any safe surgical procedure is not complete until a focus course on the subject and a Hands-on training is taken and with expert guidance.


The IUL welcomes technological progress but only when is supported by scientific research and the physician knowledge and expertise.

The IUL urges colleagues to remember that patient safety is always our first responsibility.   


IUL Mission

  • To encourage each professional to complete the learning process, including Hands-on training, prior to incorporating lipoplasty techniques in their practice.

  • To promote a higher level of knowledge among medical doctors working in Lipoplasty.

  • To establish standards through a Lipoplasty Guideline providing a worldwide practice pattern.

  • To help to improve the control of the medical delivery within the norms of safety.


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