About Dr. Gustavo Leibaschoff


| President of IUL, International Union of Lipoplasty.

| President of ICAM-USA, International Consultants in Aesthetic Medicine.
| Director of ISL, International School of Lipoplasty.
| Director of ISC, International School of Carboxytherapy.

| Director of IACOSGYN, International Academy of Cosmetic Gynecology.

| Founding Member and first President of the Argentine Aesthetic Medicine Association.

| Former Professor of the Postgraduate Medical School in Aesthetic Medicine in the University of Buenos Aires.

Dr. Leibaschoff obtained his medical degree and completed his OB-GYN residency at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1972.

For more than two decades, he has been dedicated to working and teaching in the fields of Aesthetic Medicine (non-invasive treatments) and Cosmetic Surgery.

He was a founding Member and first President of the Argentine Aesthetic Medicine Association in 1981 and former Professor of the Postgraduate Medical School in Aesthetic Medicine in the University of Buenos Aires.

He is a member and leader of several well known professional and educational societies around the world.
He is a Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, "Member of Honor" of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery, a member of the AMA Argentine Medical Association and former and Honorable President of the Argentine Association of Aesthetic Medicine.


Dr. Leibaschoff is a pioneer in the field of Aesthetic Medicine Procedures, non-invasive treatments and Cosmetic Surgery alike, always searching for new and safe state-of-the-art techniques supported by scientific research.

 He is currently dedicated full-time to researching, lecturing and training other colleagues around the world.


Dr. Leibaschoff is the President of the International Union of Lipoplasty and he was invited as one of the "Fathers" of Lipoplasty to the International Workshop, "30 years of Liposculpture", in Rome, Italy, in October 2006. He was Chairman of the International Symposium of Lipoplasty "Tribute to the Pioneers" in Paris, France, in October 2009.

He is an active contributor as a Faculty Member, lecturing in many international congresses, and has authored numerous publications in prestigious and widely varying scientific journals. Most recently, he co-authored the book Pathophysiology of Cellulite.


Dr. Leibaschoff is the founding President of ICAM-USA, a company committed to improving the quality and safety of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery procedures through hands-on training and presentations. Scientific knowledge and well-trained physicians produce better and safer results for their patients.


Dr. Leibaschoff is a Scientific Advisor for different companies in the Medical Industry, as a way of pursuing medical excellence through research and publication of the results.

Continuing medical education and training is his main goal, as he states: "There is no other way to have the best and safest results for patients than perfecting the learning experience for the medical professional. Happy and healthy patients will be the reward."


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